Turquoise and Mixed Metals

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THIS HANDMADE TURQUOISE AND MIXED METAL RING, IS CREATED WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION. Turquoise is commonly known for its antioxidant properties. Those who suffer from allergies, Asthma, and breathing conditions, benefit greatly by wearing Turquoise. The air purifying benefits and detoxification properties are immeasurable.
Turquoise is sure to bring the wearer good health and happiness. When the stone remains blue, the health of the wearer is said to be well. If the natural stone should fade or become light in color, this is an indication that health issues are on the rise. There are no special cleaning instructions for this particular stone or metals. What comes from the Earth, very well goes back to the Earth. Plain water will not disrupt the beauty of the natural stone. A polish cloth will enhance it's beauty, though it isn't necessary.

~Peace and Blessings
The Denied Stone