Eclipse Ring

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               Blue Druzy Quartz, and Gold Ring

 This ring can be customized and worn by both male and female. The stone is a natural stone, which does well in water. I recommend a dry polish cloth as needed, on the band. Otherwise, not much fuss is needed, when it comes to wearing Quartz. Authentic Druzy Quartz is one of those stones, that makes a statement all by itself. It needs no introduction. 💎

Druzy Quartz is millions of years old, and is most commonly found in water. Druzy is an excellent stone of choice, when it comes to promoting natural healing, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Druzy  is a stone which encourages the wearer to connect with their inner strengths, as well as their inherent ability to heal themselves. Druzy Quartz supports both the immune system, as well as the reproductive system.