Wisdom is knowing when to embrace silence, while whispering to Peace, "Peace be still". 

Wisdom is knowing when to meditate on a wind song, while having the fortitude to rise up and stand alone. As is a gemstone, so extraordinarily rare. Often overlooked, overshadowed, mistaken, misstepped, misrepresented, and misunderstood. Too often tossed aside, discarded and disregarded.

As is a golden calf, of no worth, and valued considerably less. As is the Breath of Heaven, light to our darkness, bountifully pouring over the atmosphere; offering far greater than it's best. As is a diamond in the rough, a cut above the rest, "I am The Denied Stone". 

In the profoundly stated lyrics of Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, "Don't you ever think you can't stand alone. Yes you can, you and The Denied Stone". 

Jacqueline Towns-CEO/Artist/Poet/Designer