She was born to heal, to Love, to extend Love and kindness. She was born to bring people together. At age 5, Jacqueline knew what her calling was. Her only desire was to make her mother and loved ones feel good. By age 7, she began to gather rocks from outside. She washed them, cared for them and treated them with Love and Kindness. Her mother gave her a 4 rock limit. Jacqueline realized early on, this would not suit her fancy. Being that she was a "Master Negotiator", Jacqueline  was able to convince her mother that 8 would be a more appropriate, and well rounded number.

As a child, her Love and fascination for rocks developed, due to the various shapes, sizes, markings and colors. As a teenager, her appreciation intensified, when she learned of the stone's numerous healing properties. It was in that defining  moment, Jacqueline fully embraced the endless possibilities of becoming  "One with Nature". She knew they were a match made in Heaven!

With and abundance of Love and compassion for God, nature and humanity, Jacqueline has dedicated more than 30 years of in depth study and research to unearthing gemstones, and their healing properties. With this knowledge and passion, she brings to you, more than just another pretty piece of jewelry. Jacqueline has taken her God given gifts to an entirely new level.

Come if you will, and share in the experience of The Denied Stone. "Jewelry that heals the mind, soul, body and spirit". You will be glad you did. 

 Jacqueline Towns- CEO/Disciple/Artist/Designer