Moonstone, Sunstone and Morganite

"Winter Lilee is truly a revolutionary fat burning fragrance. I have not been hungry all day". Everywhere I go, someone is asking what am I  wearing.

Diane T.

"I brought a big lunch to work tonight but I wasn't hungry. I really wanted to eat my lunch but the fragrance oil kept me from being hungry".


"I can feel my body getting warm, and my energy is increased. I just made it home and have not been hungry all day. It is now 12:35 pm".

D. Madlock

Welcome to The Denied Stone.

We are so pleased you have chosen to stop by and visit with us. If your heart chakras are off balance, or your focus is slightly off centered, you have come to the right place.

Because we are a specialty jeweler, and we focus on creating one of a kind jewelry, our prices may seem a bit extraordinary. Nonetheless, an extraordinary experience is our goal, each time we have the pleasure to create for a new client. We create heirloom pieces, conversation pieces, timeless pieces, gifts that are guaranteed to last a life time.

Thank you for entrusting in us, your anniversary gifts and special occasion keep sakes. 

Jacqueline Towns-CEO/Disciple/Designer

The Denied Stone's Poetry Corner

Wisdom is knowing when to embrace silence. Wisdom is whispering to Peace, while asking Peace to be still. Wisdom is knowing when to meditate on a wind song, while having the fortitude to rise up and stand alone. 

As is a gemstone, often unidentifiable, unmarked, unmatched, and extraordinarily rare. Often overlooked, misunderstood, tossed aside, and discarded.

As is a Diamond in the rough, a cut above the rest. I am The Denied Stone. 

Jacqueline Towns

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